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Cardboard packaging, cardboard packaging, paper packaging

INTER CERA was founded in 1991, and has been operating as a Cardboard and Paper wholesaler since 1994. We offer our customers the following range of  products:


cardboard panels - coated, bleached, gray, corrugated multilayer

wrapping paper.

• ready-made cardboard packaging, cardboard packaging and paper packaging.


We stock a full range of packaging products and accessories including, cardboard, cardboard boxes and paper.

We supply to a wide range of businesses including printers, bookbinding companies, advertising agencies, as well as supplying packaging to the food,chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, footwear, furniture and clothing sectors.

Paper and cardboard packaging.

In 2013 Inter Cera gained certification from the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)


Thanks to our range of machinery (sheeters, Paper roll converters and guillotines we have the unique capability to to create custom packaging solutions tailored to a customers specific size and quantity demands, using our own stock or that of our partner companies.


Our goal is to provide a reliable service, that can satisfy client supply demands along with a professional friendly service, competitive pricing and attractive payment terms. We offer free transport within the Małopolska region. we aim to to meet and exceed our customer expectations working together to provide them with sustainable development.


If you require any further information regarding our products or services please feel free to call on +48 12 262 00 66 or e-mail us at: or fill fill in our customer contact form here.



Joanna i Jerzy Cera


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